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Most of my articles are in print only versions of magazines, but when there are links I provide them here.

“Training and Racing with Whole Foods” Triathlete

“Nevis Island” Triathlete

“Website Finds Touring Bands Crash Space” Spin

A Review of Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s The Wisdom of Stability

“No Easy Saint: Bonhoeffer and Just War” Books & Culture (login required)

“Eating Locally: The New Organic” Books & Culture (login required)

“Imagining a Different Way to Live: Wendell Berry” Christianity Today

“The Work of Idleness” Flourish Magazine

Wendell Berry’s “The Gift of Good Land”: A Response Flourish Magazine

Acorns: A Harvest Discipline Flourish Magazine

Reviews and other miscellany at the Englewood Review of Books